About us
By making effective use of cryptocurrency and smart contract technology, we are building a world where individuals can earn by doing what they want.
Team shimoda
Genki Shimoda
While studying at Aoyama Gakuin University, Genki actively to part in a venture company. After only two months with the company, he set the company record for highest sales. He then established the Kansai branch office, becoming the branch office manager. Genki then went on to be a part of several startups before becoming an engineer, and being put in charge of development. He is currently involved in the 0 → 1 technology management of 5 services. In September 2017, he was appointed representative for AMPLE! Ltd.
Team ohyama
Jun Ohyama
After serving as director for a web production company, Jun was put in charge of new project planning and service management for Enigmo Inc. After joining Hitomedia Inc., he became involved in the launching of new services, joint projects with other companies, and has participated in joint research with Keio University on industry-academia. Jun also provides to investee companies. In September 2016, he was appointed director of AMPLE! Ltd.
Team sawai
Tomohiro Sawai
Project Management & Engineering
Tomohiro joined Accenture after graduating from Meiji University’s School of Commerce. He engaged in project management, business planning strategy, and the support of new business launches. For his efforts, he obtained the highest internal performance rating (SA). In 2016, he became fascinated with the climate and natural features of Miyazaki Prefecture, and moved there from Tokyo. After his move, he established BAKEON Corp. where he mainly worked as a free consultant in charge of projects for national clients. He also engaged in the launching of new services with the representative, Shimoda . At AMPLE!, Tomohiro is in charge of project management and engineering.
Adviser miko
Miko Matsumura
Miko Matsumura founded crypto exchange Evercoin, and is a Limited Partner with the Pantera Capital ICO Fund (a $100M ICO-only fund). As a 25 year operating exec in Silicon Valley, he has raised over $50 million in capital for Open Source startups. He currently advises cryptocurrency startups like WiFiCoin, Guardian Circle (Decentralized Global 911 Emergency Services) and Hub (Decentralizing Professional Social Networking). He is also an LP with Focus Ventures, a firm with over $800M under management, 9 IPOs and 44 exits. He's leads the Crypto Underground meetup in San Francisco and is a speaker at the upcoming Token Fest, Keynoting at ICOnference NYC, Blockchain Life in St. Petersburg Russia, Global Blockchain Summit, The Future of Money Summit, and Coin Agenda in Las Vegas.
Adviser horie
Takafumi Horie
Takafumi Horie is an entrepreneur. He is the former Representative Director and CEO of livedoor Co.,Ltd., and the founder of SNS media & consulting K.K. In 1996, he started Livin' On the EDGE Inc., an internet-related company (which later became livedoor Co., Ltd.) at the age of 23, while attending the University of Tokyo. The company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's MOTHERS market in 2000. He is now involved in a broad range of activities including the development of a rocket engine, producing the gourmet guide app Teriyaki, and the communications app 755, as well as being active in the Japan Preventive Medicine Foundation.
Adviser katou
Yorihiko Katou
Yorihiko Kato is an entrepreneur with an established track record as a hands-on type angel investor who provides both funding and management support to Japanese startups throughout the ASEAN region. He was involved in the founding of RYOMA Co., Ltd. and DIAL-Q NETWORK Co., Ltd., while attending Kwansei Gakuin University, and established NIKKO Co., Ltd. (now GMO NIKKO Co., Ltd.) in 1992. In 2008, when NIKKO became a GMO Internet Group, he resigned and moved to Singapore. He is now based in Singapore, and involved in various companies including KAMARQ, AGRIBUDDY, and Voistock, as well as bitbank inc., a virtual currency exchange business.
Adviser watanabe
Hisanori Watanabe
After graduating from Nanzan University, Mr. Watanabe began working for Bayer Pharmaceuticals. At 28, after gaining experience working for a real estate company, he began independent management on a succession of golf and internet related projects. In 1999 he founded Web Crew Inc., becoming an industry leader in the online marketing of insurance products. In 2004 his company was listed on the Tokyo MOTHERS stock exchange. For a period, Mr. Watanabe stepped away from direct management of the company, but returned as representative director in 2013, before the company was sold the following year. Mr. Watanabe is currently operating as an investor - with a portfolio of numerous businesses including AdAsia Holdings. He is also actively engaged in fostering young entrepreneurs.
Adviser oda
Yoshio Oda
Entrepreneur / investor. CEO, Representative Director and President of LiNK-UP Co., Ltd. Founder of @Home Cafe. Opened @Home Cafe in Akihabara in 2004. In 2005, affiliated unit Kanzen Maid Sengen placed in the 2005 U-Can New Words and Buzzwords Awards top ten with the word “Moe~.” In February 2016, sold @Home Cafe to Space Shower Network. Also served as general producer for the Diamond Dining Team at the 61st Yosakoi Festival and promoted collaboration with artist Sebastian Masuda. Won an honorable mention from the judges for their debut performance.