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Thank you all for your support.
Sales of AMPLE! Coin concluded.

How to check your AMPLE! Coin (Japanese)
What's AMPLE!
With the mission of, “Connecting the people of the world through cosplay,” AMPLE! has aimed at providing a platform that would allow those who enjoy cosplaying to continue with their passion without having to leave anything behind.
We currently have users from over 70 countries throughout the world, who have uploaded more than 70 thousand pictures.
Moving forward, AMPLE! will be carrying out fundraising via ICO in order to help evolve into a new platform with the introduction of its own encrypted currency, “AMPLE! Coin (ACO).”
About fig
We will issue the ERC20 compliant token, AMPLE! Coin (ACO). ACO can be used as a payment method for a great variety of things including limited events, sales of goods, and direct support of cosplayers around the world.Moving forward, AMPLE! will continue to focus on, “making cosplay a profession.” By more easily connecting the many cosplayers and their fans around the world through the distribution of ACO, we will raise the market as a whole.
Vision catch
Providing a platform that serves as an economic zone for cosplayers around the world.
We will provide various tools for the nearly 7,000 currently registered cosplayers to acquire any necessary funds.Cosplay fans around world can find a cosplayer they are interested in, and then, by using ACO, they can support that cosplayer by becoming their patron.Through this process, AMPLE! will be the platform by which an economic zone for cosplayers will emerge.
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Expanding the cosplayers reach throughout the world.
We will provide services that allow registered cosplayers to easily expand the reach of their content throughout the world. Fans around the world will be able to more easily access information about their favorite cosplayers, helping to further the creation of numerous economic zones for the cosplayers themselves.The cosplayers will become curators, introducing numerous goods and content that can be purchased with ACO. Through this process, AMPLE! will strengthen its position as a platform for creating an economic zone for cosplayers.
Vision step arrow
Turning “Cosplayer” into a profession.
AMPLE! will provide comprehensive support to all of the cosplayers active on the platform. Utilizing funds procured for operation, we will actively work to raise the awareness and value of the cosplay industry through any necessary means.
Through all the process laid out here, AMPLE! will turn “cosplayer” into a profession.
Benefits of layers
Receive support in the form of AMPLE! Coins from fans all around the world.

You can spread your work throughout the world.

Highly evaluated cosplayers will be provided many chances.
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Benefits of Fans
Can provide support to your favorite cosplayers with AMPLE! Coins.

Invitation to special events open only to AMPLE! Coin users.

AMPLE! Coins can be used to pay for event registration and to purchase goods.
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Benefits of Investers for ICO
Benefits for early purchasers.

Discounts for high volume purchases.

Plans for a referral campaign are in the works.
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Want to learn more? Please check out our whitepaper.
Team shimoda
Genki Shimoda
While studying at Aoyama Gakuin University, Genki actively to part in a venture company. After only two months with the company, he set the company record for highest sales. He then established the Kansai branch office, becoming the branch office manager. Genki then went on to be a part of several startups before becoming an engineer, and being put in charge of development. He is currently involved in the 0 → 1 technology management of 5 services. In September 2017, he was appointed representative for AMPLE! Ltd.
Team ohyama
Jun Ohyama
After serving as director for a web production company, Jun was put in charge of new project planning and service management for Enigmo Inc. After joining Hitomedia Inc., he became involved in the launching of new services, joint projects with other companies, and has participated in joint research with Keio University on industry-academia. Jun also provides to investee companies. In September 2016, he was appointed director of AMPLE! Ltd.
Team mike
Michael Sodaro
Born in California, Michael has been involved with blockchain technology for over 7 years, and has even been involved in smart contract development projects. He is part of the first graduating class of Code Chrysalis, Japan’s first Silicon Valley style coding boot camp. At AMPLE!, Michael is in charge of digital token development.
Team pyon
Piyon Yumiyon
After working as a server side engineer for KAYAC Inc., Piyon founded IREMONO Inc. Later, after selling web media FEELY, worked as a web server and media advisor for numerous businesses. His concept in life is, “Do the things you like, in the places you like, with the people you like.” At AMPLE!, Piyon is in charge of marketing.
Team ishibashi
Keita Ishibashi
Design & Frontend Engineering
While still in University, Keita participated in the establishment of an educational business. At the time, nearly 800 members gained experience in building platforms for learning and site creation . In 2015, he joined a design office where he designed the website for a major educational company and also worked on front end development. Afterwards, he changed jobs joining Hitomedia Inc. who is actively involved in investing in startups. He has had a hand in the design of corporate sites, service sites, landing pages, the UI/UX design of apps, as well as logo designs. At AMPLE!, Keita is in charge of design.
Team sawai
Tomohiro Sawai
Project Management & Engineering
Tomohiro joined Accenture after graduating from Meiji University’s School of Commerce. He engaged in project management, business planning strategy, and the support of new business launches. For his efforts, he obtained the highest internal performance rating (SA). In 2016, he became fascinated with the climate and natural features of Miyazaki Prefecture, and moved there from Tokyo. After his move, he established BAKEON Corp. where he mainly worked as a free consultant in charge of projects for national clients. He also engaged in the launching of new services with the representative, Shimoda . At AMPLE!, Tomohiro is in charge of project management and engineering.
Team kobayashi
Kohei Kobayashi
Service Disign & Community Management
Kohei joined IREMONO Inc. as a director. While playing with nature he worked to grow web services. Afterwards, he joined DeSC Healthcare, Inc. were he was involved in editing work for the healthcare field. Currently he read manga and watches anime in Tokyo. At AMPLE!, Kohei is in charge of service design and community management.
Team hama
Akihito Hama
Akihito joined Works Applications Co., Ltd. as an engineer. Afterwards, he engaged in IT education in Papua New Guinea as a JICA volunteer. After traveling around southeast and central Asia, he provided web services to the locals of Myanmar. While in Myanmar, he launched the Myanmar branch of the WCS (World Cosplay Summit) with the help of the local cosplay community. Akihito currently resides in Tokyo where he works for a company engaged in IT development. There, he is engaged in business in Myanmar, as well as throughout the rest of Asia. He is also actively engaged in creating an environment in which cosplayers around the world can freely enjoy their activities to their hearts content.